Activity Areas

The EYDROMOS SA offers complete solutions for any construction, from the stage of designing to full completion of the project. It also provides project management and technical consultancy.


EYDROMOS SA undertakes private and public projects. With our many years of experience we are able to provide complete solutions in fast time and at low cost, adjusted to the quality standards of each structure.

Our companions in this direction are famous Greek and multinational companies.

Furthermore, our experienced staff through continuous training and the use of formal and standardized procedures, ensures the quality of each construction during implementation.

Design & engineering

EΥDROMOS SA, having huge experience in design and construction projects, undertakes to design any kind of work, incorporating new technologies, quality materials, renewable energy sources and bioclimatic data.

The most important advantage is the combination of design directly related to the construction, because the project is designed and manufactured by the same group, resulting in:

  • premium application of the design
  • absolute quality with predetermined cost
  • specific implementation time

Project Support Services

It is imperative need, from the moment of conception an idea and the decision to implement a project, to provide full support to the administration and management of a project.

EYDROMOS SA understands and supports this need by providing services such as:
a) Project management
b) Technical consulting services

Project management
EYDROMOS SA uses project management, providing :

  • quality monitoring
  • time monitoring
  • financial monitoring

At any stage of the project, we provide the support and the procedures of complete control of it, and at anytime, clear view and documented image of the project.

More specifically, the basic services we provide are:

  • Drafting master project schedule with stamped cost / resources ( GANTT, PERT diagrams )
  • Drafting renewed project schedules based on the actual progress, conclusions and recommendations of corrective actions to restore the prearranged time and cost (Earned Value Analysis)
  • Management contracts and evaluation of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Insuring communication between all the stakeholders and providing all the necessary information to each of them
  • Keeping project file with all the necessary information, diaries, and correspondence.
  • Organizing the Office project.

Technical consulting services
EYDROMOS SA provides modern technical consulting services including:

  • finding and evaluating investment proposal
  • assistance and cooperation in getting funding
  • specifying strict quality standards with an agreed fixed cost and schedule